We Assist Companies Arrange Capital”


(A)  We can use Digital Marketing Strategies to create a Capital Campaign for Click for source your company while being in compliance with securities regulations

We refer you to our related company for Digital Marketing Campaigns:

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(B) We may SUBSCRIBE directly in your Debt or Share Offerings as principals

We Specialize in Corporate Finance - Equity &  Debt

(C) We can assist Public Companies gain access to Capital and Markets

Like all good Investor Relations firms we do not sell securities

We provide services only and do not solicit investors.  We do not solicit or deal with US residents.  See Disclaimer

We have 35 years experience in the Investment, Corporate Finance & Investor Relations business.  We operate in full compliance of any jurisdiction’s securities regulations


Potentially Increase Your Daily Trading Volume

GOAL:  Get Millions of Eyeballs Following Your Stock

Institutions / Brokerage Firms / Accredited Investors / Hedge Funds / Mutual Funds

Generally, no one can enhance the value of their public company without increasing Daily Trading Activity - and then sustain the volume over the long term.

Irrespective of your profitability, or how great your Brand is, you must increase trading volume in order to grow your stocks’ value and to become Margin Eligible over the medium and long terms.   This strategy must be grown organically.

We are not interested in assisting with short term promotions whatsoever; rather in helping good companies get to where they belong.

With our Digital Marketing affiliate together we can prepare a solid Digital Marketing Campaign built upon fundamentals. 

Disclosure:  Under no circumstance do we engage in solicitation, spam or bulk emails


This particular service is not guaranteed and subject to how credible your business is

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IF you have a compelling story to tell as a Public Company then we can generally get a prime interview for you on a major T.V. Business Show.   THEN use the interview to enhance your reputation / promote your brand globally.


We can distribute your Press Release(s) to the major news outlets and wire services.  PLUS  we have our own proprietary Digital Press Release & News Wire Service.   

Lets get your Press Release on the front pages of Google.

We are the best for investor relations and for (accredited investors) any investor or company looking to raise CAPITAL or

καπιταλ. Maybe you are into investment banking or a financial advisor or into investing looking for stocks to invest in. Then we can refer you to securities firms for investing in shares or on how to invest in stocks.

We also fo reputationmanagement or manage your online reputation as it is called: online reputation managment

We can do any press release or arrange the right press release format and provide a good press release example or press release template.

We also perform media relations and can asist companies to help raise capital especially if a public company for publicly traded companies who must have a good online reputation repair

We can asist with a stock loan or stock margin or margin on your stock portfolio or stock account.

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